Use the search option in the upper right corner to search for images. You can search for names of species, keywords, areas etc. Names of species are present in English, Dutch, German, and scientific (Latin).

Using the search option you can use multiple keywords at once. By adding operators you can increase the functionality. Below you can find some tips to get more out of the search option.

Watch out:
When using short or partial words, the word is complemented after the word!
‘horse’ also searches for ‘horses’ and ‘horseshoe bat’
‘hopper’ does not search for ‘grasshopper’


Without operators all words are optional. All matches with at least one of the words are found.

+ before a word indicates this word must be in the results. When searching for multiple words, all words must have a ‘+’, only then all words will be searched for.

- before a word excludes the word.

“ ” around a word searches for the exact words between the quotes.



common frog (without operators)
Finds all images containing ‘common’ or ‘frog’, i.e. common pipistrelle and tree frog.

common +frog
Finds all images containing ‘frog’ with of without ’common’, i.e. common frog and tree frog. Using ‘common’ here is useless.

+common +frog (2x ‘+’!)
Finds all images containing both ‘common’ and ‘frog’, so just common frog.

common –frog
Finds all images containing ‘common’, excluding ‘frog’, i.e. common pipistrelle and common roach.

“rana temporaria”
Finds all images containing the exact words ‘rana temporaria’, so just common frog.

Finds all images containing the separate word ‘grass’, i.e. grass, grass snake, but not grasshopper.

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