About Paul

About Paul

Rugstreeppad; Natterjack toad; Epidalea calamita

As a professional nature and wildlife photographer I focus on almost all aspects of nature. Although I love photographing colourful butterflies and flowers I’m much attracted to less known subjects, especially animals. I try to get these subjects under the attention of a wide audience. Because what people don’t know, they don’t like and can’t protect. This way I try to contribute to the protection of our nature. Also, by being an ecologist I know what species I photograph and I’m able to tell the story behind the picture. Hereby I also like to work together with other photographers and nature organisations.

Moerassprinkhaan; Large marsh grasshopper; Stethophyma grossum

I was raised in the northern part of the Province of Limburg, The Netherlands. Later I moved to the Province of Gelderland, and currently I live in Arnhem, on the southern edge of the Veluwe. I got a degree in biology (animal ecology) at the university of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Ever since I have been working as a ecological advisor for Bureau Natuurbalans-Limes Divergens bv in Nijmegen.
During my childhood my interest for nature started as well as the urge to document it. Photography and knowledge about nature have always joined hands by photographing subjects I studied and to study subjects I photographed. Doing so I have gathered an extensive knowledge of species, their ecology and behaviour. This knowledge turns out to be essential in good nature photography, where timing, location and (weather-) conditions make the difference.

Boomkikker, European tree frog; Hyla arborea

I am a member of the Association of Nature Photographers Apeldoorn (VNF-A) and several nature associations. Also as a volunteer I’m involved in nature research, like bat counts

Harlekijn; Green-winged orchid; Anacamptis morio


All photographs presented on this website are shot using Nikon equipment. At this moment I work with a NikonZ7, D810 and D7100. The lenses I use are from different brands including Nikon, Sigma and Laowa and have focal lengths ranging from 14mm up to 500mm. Accessories include tripods, flash units, converters, extension tubes and filters. I use special purpose lenses for astro photography, extreme close-ups and macro wide-angle shots. For high-speed pictures, like flying bats, I use specialized infra-red triggers. Photos of subjects on a white background are usually made in a portable field studio. In addition I have options for photography in aquaria and in studio environment.

Besides photographing I also like to share my knowledge on photography and nature. I do this by means of lectures and workshops, but also as an author. I write articles and I’ve been an co-author of a series of Dutch books on nature photography, called Praktijkboeken Natuurfotografie

Over the years my work has been used for many publications, like books and magazines, but also websites and information panels.